Boomtown Two

Oh No…How To Handle The Festival Comedown.

Heading back to reality after spending four/five days losing your actual head in a field, listening to some of the greatest live music around and *hopefully* sharing these moments with a handful of your nearest and dearest is ALWAYS going to be hard. Despite the smells you’ll be emitting after 96 hours without running water/shower gel/shampoo, the state of your feet after the amount of … Continue reading Oh No…How To Handle The Festival Comedown.


Boomtown: What To Expect

As festival season starts, seasoned festival go-ers are packing their rucksacks and heading to their Mecca’s. Many people have their favourites, choosing Glastonbury – after spending a lifetime trying to get a ticket -, Isle of Wight – family friendly AND great music – or Boomtown – basically the greatest place on Earth – knowing full well what to expect.  Besides the obvious perks (music, … Continue reading Boomtown: What To Expect